Time Fite – Big Mistake


This is a song that I personally love and spent about two hours trying to remember a few days ago. I kept trying to remember the lyrics and for some reason I was consistently singing If You Want To Sing Out by Cat Steven (another song I like).

It motivated me check out more from Tim Fite. He hasn’t released any new albums in a few years but his current body of work is very good. Stand out songs like Hold Me All Night:

We are All Teenagers:

and my new favorite of the bunch, the song Getting By:

With a simple chorus of “when I get by, I get by, I get by alright”. To me the lyrics perfectly describe me when I let depression win the struggle, maybe you can relate too.

Overall, there is a bright melancholy aspect to his music and it really resonates with me. I like the ability to take a negative thing and making it resemble something positive.

As per his wikipedia page, he was responsible for this one hit wonder:

Oh Wonder – All We Do


This is a really chill and (in my opinion) powerful song. The piano is really what kind of makes this song for me.

Give it a listen, you might like it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


I’m reading the new Harry Potter play/book/whatever and a word of dialogue really hit home for how I’m feeling right now.

“If you answer the gossip, you feed the gossip.”

I’m going to answer the gossip, but only by proving them wrong.

Sunday Mix 7.24.16


Hey everybody. I’m relaunching the website, focusing on blogging, that kind of thing. Here’s a mix I just put together of songs I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!